Kate Moss is the fresh face of YSL advertising campaign

Updated: 2008-02-22 14:52

She is one of the highest paid models in the world. She creates huge public interest that can shift serious units of fashion products. And she is looking better than she has in quite some time.

So it's little wonder Stefano Pilati - creative director of Yves Saint Laurent - chose Kate Moss to appear in the fashion house's spring/summer advertising campaign.

What is slightly bewildering is why he decided to obscure Moss's famous face with door-writing in the majority of the 18 shots.

Well suited: a sultry Kate Moss wears a light-wool tuxedo suit in navy

"He wanted Kate to be seen as locked out of the highly esteemed historic Pierre Berg-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation in Paris," a spokesperson explained.

There is the added confusion created as Kate - seen without undergarments but wearing one of YSL's famously androgynous "le smoking" suits - appears to be holding an invisible cigarette. Is this a reference to the smoking ban?

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