Weizhou island, the hidden beach escape

Updated: 2012-04-17 16:51


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Weizhou island, the hidden beach escape

Boats anchored in the shallow beach water on Weizhou Island.[Photo/CRIENGLISH.com]

Weizhou Island, located in Beihai city in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, is China's largest albeit youngest volcanic island. The island faces Hainan island to the north, but it is not as well known among tourists as its neighbor.

The island has a warm and humid climate all year round, with turquoise sea water and sandy beaches. Because it is less visited, the natural resources on Weizhou Island are very well preserved.

Local specialties on the island include tropical fruit such as bananas and pineapple as well as marine food products.

Tourism on the island is not fully developed. There are no umbrellas to be seen on the beaches and locals still make a living by fishing in small rusty boats.

Visitors to the island usually stay at the nearby city of Beihai where hotels and restaurants are prosperous. There are regular ferries departing from Beihai International Harbor to Weizhou Island. It's a 70-minute boat trip to reach the island. Ferry tickets to Weizhou Island are priced at 90 yuan per person.

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