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UN vehicle shot in Afghan capital, driver hurt

2010-06-29 17:05

KABUL, Afghanistan – A UN vehicle was shot up at a busy traffic circle in Afghanistan's capital Tuesday, and at least one person was hurt, witnesses said.

An Associated Press reporter at the scene saw a white pickup truck with a blue UN logo painted on the side: Its windows were shattered and blood was spattered inside the truck. Police flooded the area around Massoud circle -- an intersection near the US Embassy and an American military base.

Two people were in the vehicle, but only the driver was hit, said a man who saw the shooting. He only gave one name - Mirajudin.

Neither UN nor police officials could immediately be reached for comment

Mirajudin said he and the passenger of the UN vehicle helped move the driver into an ambulance.

"I saw that the driver was shot in his eye," said Mirajudin, who still had blood smeared on his arms. "He was bleeding from the eye and from the nose. I helped him and we put him in an ambulance."

Kieran Dwyer, director of communications for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, said a security team was gathering information at the scene.

"It appears they were shot," he said. "We're waiting to find out the full facts."

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