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Deaths from Typhoon Fanapi rise to 75 in S China

2010-09-27 06:50

GUANGZHOU - Floods, landslides and mud-flows brought on by Typhoon Fanapi earlier this week have left 75 people dead and 61 others missing in South China's Guangdong province, a government spokesman said Sunday.

Landslides and mud-flows claimed about two-thirds of the dead and the missing, said Tang Hao, secretary general of the provincial government, in the latest Fanapi casualty update. Magui Township of Gaochuan City and Pingtang Village of Xinyi City were hit the hardest.

Further, a burst dike at a mountain mining site claimed 28 casualties while flooding claimed another 18, Tang said.

He said Fanapi-triggered disasters have caused economic losses amounting to 5 billion yuan ($735 million). Some 1.56 million residents in nine cities in Guangdong were affected.

The rescue continued on Sunday as vehicles and helicopters delivered crucial relief supplies to areas isolated by landslides. By 12 am Sunday, about 128,000 residents had been evacuated in Guangdong. Also, some 16,000 houses collapsed and 66,400 hectares of farmland were damaged, the latest statistics show.

Typhoon Fanapi, the 11th and strongest typhoon to hit China this year, struck Fujian Province at 7 am on September 20, but caused the most destruction in Guangdong, which neighbors Fujian on the south.

After floods receded, villagers returned to their damaged homes and began to clear mud using shovels and hoes.

Also, the local agriculture department has begun to disinfect the disaster zones to prevent outbreaks of diseases. About 50 tonnes of disinfectants are to be used, officials said.

The provincial government has earmarked 240 million yuan for reconstruction.

Part of the fund will be spent as allowances for the families of the victims. The authorities said they would build new homes for the homeless before the Chinese New Year, which is about four months away.

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