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China's aid to Africa not for resources: MOC

2011-04-26 13:37

BEIJING - China provides aid to Africa for friendship not resources, said Vice Commerce Minister Fu Ziying on Tuesday in response to a question raised during a media conference on China's white paper on foreign aid.

Fu said less than 30 percent of the African countries' oil exports are shipped to China and people should really pay attention to where the rest goes.

"Take iron ore resources in Guinea for example. I just visited there. Who are largest iron ore owners? Not Chinese, but western countries who colonized the place," Fu said.

"Isn't it true that Mali has little resources? I just returned from there. Chinese are helping the country build bridges and roads. Is it for resources?" Fu said.

"It's just nonsense for some countries to create hype in the media or online that China's aid is for resources," Fu said.

Africa is an important destination for China's foreign aid because the region has the highest density of developing countries and the help stems from friendship, Fu said.

The white paper, issued last week by the Information Office of the State Council, or China's cabinet, introduces China's foreign aid policy and the financial resources that the aid has drawn upon in the past, as well as revealing China's cooperation in international aid activities.

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