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Limits of Japanese food imports 'moderate'

2011-04-19 15:25

BEIJING - Many countries have limited food imports from Japan after its recent nuclear crisis and the Chinese reaction has been "proper" and "moderate" for the protection of public health, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said on Tuesday.

China banned imports of food, edible farm produce and feed from 12 areas in Japan starting April 8. Importers of these products from other Japanese areas are required to provide documentation, such as proof of origin and quarantine, before they can be allowed to move their products across China's borders.

"These measures were based on consideration for public health after emergencies and are moderate in comparison to those imposed by other international communities," MOC spokesman Yao Jian said.

China imported $72 billion's worth of farm produce last year. Just 0.8 percent, or next to $600 million's worth, was imported from Japan, according to the MOC.

The amount of farm produce imported from Japan is very small and will not significantly impact the Chinese market, Yao said.

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