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China hopes Cambodia-Thailand border clash resolved

2011-02-12 19:26

BEIJING- China on Saturday said it would work with the international community in the hope of resolving the Cambodia-Thailand border conflict.

"China supports mediation efforts by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)to ease Cambodia-Thailand tensions and would like to work with ASEAN and the international community to play a constructive role in resolving the conflicts," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said in a statement.

Armed clashes between Cambodia and Thailand from February 4 to 7 had killed at least eight people and injured 67 others. Tens of thousands of villagers nearby the disputed areas had fled their homes.

China was paying much attention to the clashes, Ma said.

Stressing that Cambodia and Thailand are China's friendly neighbors, Ma said China has kept in close contact with both countries since the clashes began.

Ma called on the two nations to stay calm and exercise restraint, put an end to military confrontation, prevent the situation from escalating and resolve disputes through consultations.

The border between Thailand and Cambodia has never been completely demarcated. Although the International Court of Justice ruled in 1962 that an 11th century temple itself belonged to Cambodia, the row over the 4.6-sq-km territory around the temple has never been resolved.

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