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Vice Premier urges more efforts to restructure economy

2010-06-28 00:18

SHIJIAZHUANG-- Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang has urged more efforts be made to push forward the nation's drive to restructure the economy and coordinate urban and rural development.

Li made the remarks during an inspection tour of North China's Hebei Province on Thursday and Friday. He urged more efforts be undertaken to increase the competitiveness of the nation's businesses and provide stronger internal impetus to develop the economy through expanding both domestic and overseas demands and promoting technological, managerial, systemic and institutional innovations to raise the quality and efficiency of China's economic growth.

Li also called for more efforts to move forward the urbanization drive in such a way that industry could promote agriculture while urban areas help rural regions, as the great potentials for market demand could be unleashed to provide strong support for stable, fast and long-term economic development.

He also stressed the role of scientific planning, optimized distribution of resources, improved public services and living environment, and efficient land use in boosting rural development. Stabilizing grain and agricultural production was of particular importance to maintaining stable macro-economic development, Li said, urging more efforts be made to strengthen the foundation of the country's agricultural sector.

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