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China vows crackdown on corrupt leading officials

2010-03-29 08:07

BEIJING - China will step up efforts to crack major corruption cases, especially those with collusion between leading officials and business people, according to the full text of a speech delivered by Premier Wen Jiabao.

The document was released on Sunday. Wen delivered the speech at a State Council meeting on this year's anti-corruption work on Tuesday.

In the speech, Wen said efforts should be made to investigate those who trade power for money, and those who take advantage of power to do illegal things in areas including urban planning, approving construction programs, mineral resources exploration and bidding and tendering.

Negligence and misconduct behind major work safety incidents and food safety scandals would also be probed.

In the speech, Wen outlined key areas of the government's anti-corruption fight this year, including government funded projects, state-owned enterprises and financial institutions.

He called for intensified efforts to trace the fugitives and their illicit money and property, and vowed "not to let those who commit corruption to go unpunished or get a penny out of their illicit gain."

Government officials should strictly follow a code of ethics issued earlier this year by the Communist Party of China (CPC) to ensure clean practice in their work and to prevent corruption

The guidelines specify 52 unacceptable practices, including officials accepting cash or financial instruments as gifts, or officials using their influence to benefit their spouses and children with regards to their employment, stock trading or business.

And leaders of the State Council or central government departments should refrain from attending ceremonies or forums sponsored by companies, he added.

Expenses on central government organs would be cut by 5 percent this year and government funded overseas trips, vehicle purchase, and reception expenditure should be reduced consequently, he said.

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