HK Edition - Tuesday November 17,2015
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Ko agrees Medical Council needs more lay members
The government recognized the merits of bringing more laymen into the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK), Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man said on Monday.

Lawmaker urges bitter pill for doctors
A lone lawmaker is seeking to reduce the dominance of the cabal of doctors in Hong Kong - in an uphill battle against one of the city's most guarded professions.

Pro-establishment camp 'will prevail' despite opposition smear campaign
The number of seats held by the pro-establishment camp in district councils may shrink in the coming election due to the opposition's successful tactics of running "anti-vote-planting" campaigns, according to one of the city's leading political commentators, Song Sio-chong.

The fear of failure presents a barrier to innovation
There is little doubt that there is an urgent need for Hong Kong to catch up with its neighboring competitors in the innovation race. Unsurprisingly, the establishment of the new Innovation and Technology Commission is widely seen as a positive step forward in creating a friendly environment for young entrepreneurs who are big on ideas but short on funds.