The First Beijing Fair of National Culture and Art

Updated: 2007-08-08 08:25

Intangible Cultural Heritage Flourished in the Fair

Tourists can also join in sports activitie. There are professional performances from sports teams, such as football, rope skipping, and kicking the shuttlecock; there are also sports games for teenagers.

There are also places for weary tourists to sit and relax and enjoy food from 21 old Beijing brands.

Scheduled performance

Performances will be held each day of the fair from 8-9 p.m., including singing and dancing, cross talk shows, and acrobatics. There are also two marching performances held daily, showcasing basketball, aerobics and lion dances.

Olympics elements

The fair will also promote the Olympics, with 47 boards displaying each city the Olympic torch relay will pass through. Singers will also be invited to perform for the Olympics on the central stage. Olympic souvenirs will also be for sale.