Drama:The Life Comments of Two Dogs

Updated: 2007-06-12 08:58

Liu Xiaoye (L) and Chen Minghao are the only two actors of the play.

How would you see the world if you were a dog? You may just find out if you go to the theatre this spring and watch "The Life Comments of Two Dogs", the new cutting-edge drama directed by Meng Jinghui.

Audience members will get to explore some of the big questions plaguing Chinese society from a canine perspective at the East Pioneer Theatre in Beijing from May 15 to the first of July.

The two dogs at the center of play will look all kinds of every day issues, from online relationships to weight loss campaigns, poisonous food to traffic jams, and even sky high education fees.

But "The Life Comments of Two Dogs" will push the envelope even further than just the unique angle. The play has no pre-written script, not set scenes and possibly no plot at all.

The only two actors in the cast, Liu Xiaoye and Chen Minghao, created the concept seven years ago.

Chen Minghao described the show as open. "Our play is very open. The plot may change from day to day. There will be a lot of space in the play for us to make our thoughts real, or do something experimental. Everything is uncertain. It feels spontaneous, like improvisation. We'll share this feeling with the audience."