Rock 'n' Roll: which city deserves a song?

Updated: 2007-04-28 09:00

Although the past two decades is only a very short period in China's history, these years contain an overwhelming amount of passion, hesitation, joy and struggle. Rock music, a young and volatile import to China in the 1980s, subtly reflects the society's acute changes in a unique way.

Music is one of the easiest ways to know a city and its life. But which city deserves a song? It depends on whether it can trigger the tenderest sentiments.

Rock 'n' Roll: which city deserves a song?

Xi'an: 'The City I Miss'

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Readers' comments:

Chiaike:I likeDrum and Bell Towersby rock star He Yong. whenever i listen to it, my mind will be driven back to the courtyards and hutongs in the old Beijing.

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Xi'an (in Northwest China): 3,063 years old
Xu Wei (singer): 38 years old
"The City I Miss" (by Xu): 9 years old

The sun is setting in the city I miss.
Why am I always full of affection for her?
She made me happy and made me sad.
She gave me hope as well as desperation...

With a slower tempo, Xi'an, the former capital of some of China's most prosperous dynasties like the Qin, Han and Tang, seems to lag behind the rest of the world. But it's still known for its rich cultural and artistic diversity -- not only its ancient tombs and relics, but also as a cradle of young rock musicians. Big-name rockers like Zhang Chu, Xu Wei, and Zheng Jun all hail from the city.

Rock 'n' Roll: which city deserves a song? Listen to more rock music atRock 'n' Roll: which city deserves a song?

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