DJ 'took drugs' with Kate Moss

Updated: 2007-11-23 17:19

Kate Moss


Supermodel Kate Moss is at the centre of another drugs scandal - a DJ has boasted on the internet about taking drugs with her at a celebrity party last weekend.

DJ Elliot Eastwick from Manchester claims he and the catwalk beauty shared partygoers' drug amyl nitrite - commonly known as 'poppers' - at a London bash on Saturday night, where guests included actress Sienna Miller and Naomi Campbell.

The party was held at trendy East London venue, the Shoreditch Club, where Moss - who was caught snorting lines of cocaine in September 2005 - was celebrating her pal Davinia Taylor's 30th birthday.

House DJ Eastwick, 34, writes on an internet forum: "Kate Moss spent all night in the (DJ) booth - I did poppers with her."

Amyl nitrite is legal to take by law, but illegal to supply.



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