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Historical photos of 56 ethnic groups in China (Part Ⅱ)

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Historical photos of 56 ethnic groups in China (Part Ⅱ)

A photo of a nursery of the Daur ethnic group in 1981. [Photo/ China Photographers Association]

Daur ethnic group

Living in an area where vegetation and animals can be farmed easily, the Daur people can eat well on various fresh fruits, grains, fish, and meat. Milk foods are also their favorite. There are so many ways of cooking with milk – tea with milk, rice mixed with yogurt, milk porridge, milk bean curd, etc.

For entertainment, the Daur people like to dance in their traditional way while playing traditional instruments, especially during festivals. Usually the dancing is performed by women, as men seldom dance.

Daur women do well in embroidery, paper-cutting, and engraving. Girls are required to learn embroidery because when they get married, they will wear their handiworks.

Third part of the story will be published tomorrow.

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