Survey for 2015 Most Attractive Chinese Cities for expats begins

Shanghai has for the fourth time topped the list of the 10 most attractive Chinese cities for expats, according to a survey conducted on foreign professionals living in China nationwide.

Expats engaging more with Chinese life

A recent survey has founded that despite some difficulties for foreign people, they are getting more involved in Chinese life.

Forty percent of expats consider business start-ups in China

According to recent data released by China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce, 41.9 percent of expats will start or have started their own businesses in China.

Search begins to find most attractive cities in China

A nationwide search has been launched to identify the 10 most attractive cities in China.

For expats, Shanghai tops list for desirability again

The financial hub has become one of the hottest destinations in China for expats and has more than 88,000 resident foreign experts.

70% of Chinese overseas willing to return for work

In a survey conducted on Chinese living in North America, 70 percent of participants expressed willingness to work in China or start a new business in China.

China needs to do better to hire and keep professional expats

Although China is doing better at employing and keeping foreign professionals, more improvements needs to be made, according to a study on employment of foreign experts by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

Vote for your favorite Chinese cities

You're invited to cast your vote for the top 10 cities out of 30 candidate cities and towns that you've always known or heard.

2014 Amazing China campaign kicks off

The campaign aims at exploring the charm of Chinese cities and publicizing them through the eyes of foreigners. It has been successfully organized four years in a row since 2010.

Top 10 cities in China

Expatriates have an abundance of choices when choosing where to live in China, but which city is the most foreigner friendly?

Shanghai still the favorite city for expats, survey finds

Shanghai topped the list as foreigners' favorite city in the Chinese mainland in 2013, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

Li praises foreign experts for contribution

Premier Li Keqiang had high praise for the work of foreign experts in China and their efforts for the country.China Friendship Award winner Ravi Shankar
'Skills list' to attract overseas talent

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