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Ma Weidu - self-taught scholar and antiquities expert.  Zou Hong / China Daily

Living Relic

One man holds fast to a fading code that values heritage and national pride above personal gain and fame. Qin Zhongwei seeks out the legend behind China's first private museum.

Sunday Talk

Sunday Digest
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Ma's timeless collection

1.Porcelain head-rest with floral and bird motifs

Newsstand roundup

Sunday People

Jay-Z decodes life, hip-hop and songs in literary debut

NEW YORK - From selling crack cocaine as a teenage hustler to becoming one of America's richest rappers, Jay-Z writes about his life, decodes his music and explains hip-hop culture in his literary debut Decoded, released last week.

'Mama Grizzly' on prime-time TV, too

Bristol Palin rejects critics?jibes as TV's Dancing final nears

Sunday Expat

Prince of eels hits his stride in Beijing

Beijing chef Max Levy has had a very long love affair with the fanged fish. Mike Peters follows the slippery trail.

English teacher finds his way through the Tao

Sunday Image

Going underground in Paris

The tunnels are dank and gloomy, tainted by the darker chapters of the city's history. Now, they provide adventure for a new breed of explorers ? the Parisian 'cataphiles?

Sunday Sports

Thunder, without Durant, knocks off Celtics 89-84

BOSTON - The Oklahoma City Thunder couldn't hit a shot, and they didn't have Kevin Durant or Jeff Green to save them.

Federer: Modern game no place for new kids on block

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Sunday Special

China takes charge of pool

With 24 gold medals, 16 silver and 14 bronze, the Chinese swimming team overwhelmingly beat archrival Japan (nine gold, 18 silver and 12 bronze) to claim supremacy of the pool at the Asian Games.

Young champion on block again

Park is king of the water

The week that was

Lifestyle Trends

Migrants finding open arms in Canada

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Rancorous debates over immigration have erupted from Australia to Sweden, but few nations take more immigrants per capita than Canada.

In Spain, homes go, but debts remain

Moving beyond cash and borders

Arts and Styles

A singer from everywhere and nowhere has arrived

Buika was carrying a Spanish passport when she arrived to begin her first extended singing tour ofNorthAmerica.But hermusic draws on such a range of influences that sheseemstobeatoncefromeverywhereand nowhere.

In photos, witness to the era of vinyl

The performing arts, live onstage and now on screen

Sunday Style

Pride of China

High rent, predatory competitors and a relatively uninformed consumer crowd would discourage most tender new entrants to the fashion business. Not so for a handful of new Chinese designers, who are upending conventional notions of Chinese design, making rapid commercial success and turning from unknown to renowned in a short time.

Wang Leehom goes green

Sunday Travel

In search of beauty

In the vastness that is China, there are still hidden spots of great natural splendor ?although you must be prepared to work hard searching. Xu Xiaomin puts on her hiking boots.

Cure for tired travelers

Departure gate