"Speed Racer" Rain favors Hong Kong

Updated: 2008-04-07 11:17

  South Korean actor Jung Ji-hoon (R), also known as Rain, is seen in a scene from "Speed Racer." The star has announced an April 23 visit to Hong Kong to promote his first Hollywood film. [File Photo: mtime.com]

South Korean singer-actor Jung Ji-hoon, also known as Rain, has announced an April 23 visit to Hong Kong to promote his first Hollywood film, "Speed Racer."

The pan-Asian star chose Hong Kong as the only Asian stop on his promotional itinerary out of his love for the city, Web site Sina.com.cn reported on Wednesday.

"Speed Racer," a work by "The Matrix" directors the Wachowski brothers, is slated to open in Hong Kong and North America in early May.

Jung plays a rookie racer in the live-action film adaptation of a Japanese animation. The film also stars award-winning Chinese actress Yu Nan as Jung's sister, and Hollywood stars, including Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, and Matthew Fox.


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