A deal made in heaven
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-09-04 09:59

Stepping into the lobby of Westin Beijing Financial Street, one is greeted by a series of joyful sights and sounds: soft piano music in the caf area, the click of wine glasses from the Italian restaurant Prego, and the buzz of an intimate chit-chat among business partners and families over coffee and tea.

Even as professionals arrive with their laptops and bespoke suits, young couples can be seen getting out of the elevator, pushing babies in strollers. The busy yet casual atmosphere suggests some on-going festivity in the hotel.

Located on China's "Wall Street" and right beside the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the hotel is obviously a handy choice of bankers and professionals working in the finance industry.

Knowing well the pressures they face on a daily basis, Westin's efforts to help its guests unwind and relax can be felt in many details.

A deal made in heaven

Westin Beijing Financial Street, a good choice for business professionals.

The decor in the Renewal Room, an upgraded version of a regular guest room, is typically American style, with cherry wood paneling and marble walls in the bathroom, and designed to match those seen throughout the building.

The room is equipped with a Heavenly Bed, a 10-layered bed that was introduced by Westin and has sparked a bedding revolution throughout the world's major hotels since 1999. So far, 52,000 new Heavenly Beds have been introduced in Westin's 39,500 guest rooms throughout the world, setting the bedding standards for deluxe hotels.

Recognizing that many people would probably want to take home such a bed after a good night's sleep on it, the hotel's recent promotion says for a purchase of 10 nights' stay at one time, the luxurious bed is yours.

Before retreating to the Heavenly Bed, Renewal Room residents are usually encouraged to try the special bath treatments in their own room. The hotel's spa center has on hand a bathing expert, or a bathologist, to prepare everything necessary for one of the four types of aromatherapy treatments, complete with rose petals. The water is kept warm in case the guest chooses to walk around the water-themed courtyard on the ground floor.

Lane Crawford Seasons Palace, an upscale shopping center, is only a stone's throw away and closes at 9 pm. Those who haven't found time for gift shopping for families and friends can certainly grab something there.

On Sunday, there is the gourmet carnival with the hotel's famous brunch thrown open at 11:30 am. Combining the offerings of the Italian restaurant Prego and the adjacent Senses, the brunch features a seemingly endless selection of food and drinks.

It is believed to be the best brunch among hotels in Beijing and it can be quite an exercise to make it to all of one's favorites.

But if too many choices seem like too much of a challenge, you could ask Jason Wang, assistant manager of Prego, to help out. The smiling young man will point you to some truly exotic dishes that are hard to find elsewhere.