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New-style Sichuan food
By Ye Jun (ChinaDaily)
Updated: 2009-11-14 13:33

New-style Sichuan food

Madam Zhu's Kitchen (汉舍) is a gourmet's attempt to present fine Sichuan cuisine. The owner already runs another home-style Sichuan restaurant in Beijing, and in her new one she tries to give a different twist to some classic dishes and give it a more up-market feel.

Smoked egg with roe (鲟龙鱼籽熏蛋) has a special fragrance and the jelly-like taste of half an egg. There are plenty of other classic Sichuan style starters such as bean noodles with Sichuan chili sauce (川北凉粉), boiled sliced pork with garlic and sauce (蒜泥白肉)and marinated black fungus (美极黑木耳).

A highlight of the eatery is finely-presented versions of classic fried dishes such as Sichuan huiguorou, sauted sliced pork with pepper and chili (回锅肉), kungpao chicken (宫保鸡丁), sweet and sour pork with fresh fruits (鲜果古老肉), and sauted diced chicken with chili and pepper Chongqing style (重庆辣子鸡).

New-style Sichuan food

For those game for a culinary adventure, there are dishes foreigners, in fact, may have never tried before. These include spicy, fried baby cabbage in clay pot (干锅娃娃菜), green apple or banana with crispy syrup (拔丝青苹果/香蕉), and braised sliced pork with bean sprouts Sichuan style (咸烧白). The last is very typically Sichuan and hardly known outside the province.

Finish the meal with pan fried vegetable dumpling (金网素锅贴), boiled dumpling Sichuan style (钟水饺), or sesame rice dumpling in rice wine soup (酒酿芝麻汤圆) .

The restaurant also offers some Cantonese delicacies, as well as fresh seafood. Interior dcor is chic. Average cost is around 100 yuan per person.

Daily 11 am-10 pm. B1, Block D, Van Tong Center, A6 Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang district. 5907-1625/1626