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Climbing high to blessed coolness
By Lu Rong
Updated: 2007-07-31 09:31

As the temperature keeps climbing, it takes a lot of patience to stay in the oven of Shanghai. Even the dust in the air seems roasted. So why not slip away to somewhere cool for a refreshing holiday?


Besides Yellow Mountain, there are many other mountain resorts for you to go to ward off the heat. Here's a list for your reference.


Mogan Mountain


In Deqing County of Huzhou City in northeastern Zhejiang Province, Mogan Mountain has been listed as one of the "Four Best Summer Resorts" in China. Covered with lush fresh bamboo, the mountain with an average elevation of 500 meters has a tranquil atmosphere.


Hundreds of springs and waterfalls make the mountain the best place to escape the summer heat.


The scattered villas in the mountain of different styles provide tourists with pleasant accommodation as well as local specialities.


Transportation: It takes around two to three hours by coach from Shanghai Railway Station or the Bus Station on Qiujiang Road via Huzhou to Mt Mogan. Or you can get a shuttle bus in Hangzhou.


Admission: 65 yuan


Tianmu Mountain


West of Hangzhou, Tianmu Mountain is called "a natural botanic garden" because more than 2,000 plant species grow there. The reserve is particularly well known for the rare huge ancient forests, where the wild gingko of Mesozoic era can be found.


It is also a paradise for several hundred animal and bird species, 30 of which are endangered such as the cloud leopard and the black muntjac. Tea grown in the valleys covered in mist has an unmistakable taste.


Transportation: First get to Hangzhou and then take a bus to Lin'an at the West Bus Station.

Admission: 80 yuan

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