Grassroots' voice on Obama visit

(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-11-18 09:24

Obama's life story is really encouraging to young Chinese people. I think this will attract more Chinese to study in the US. I hope these students will finally come back to China to contribute to this nation's development.
Zhang Hongjie, in his 30s
CEO of Guanqiao Education Co in Beijing

I think Obama's visit will promote education and technology exchanges. I hope there is greater access to share knowledge on the Internet or somewhere else. Knowledge should have no boundaries.
Wu Xiaozheng, 31
Product supervisor of HYBY IT Co Ltd in Beijing

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Obama's visit will help people from both nations know more about each other. From (Richard) Nixon's (China) visit to now, I think our relations have been moving forward. But I really hope the US can uphold its commitments and not intervene any more in China's internal affairs.
Zhu Shufen, 72
Retired teacher from Hunan University in Changsha, Hunan province

Obama said the US would welcome more Chinese students. I think this shows his sincerity in promoting exchanges between the two countries. And this will surely be a boon to overseas study companies.
Zhang Dan, 24
Consultant with an overseas study agency

Obama's visit signifies Washington's goodwill to cooperate with China. There are always differences between China and the US, but the two have never given up any chance to cooperate.
Cao Jie, 31
Reporter in Hefei, Anhui province


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