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Xi requests CPC cadres learn from Hu's speech

Bulgarian VP congratulates China on achievements

CPC briefs diplomats on Hu's speech on CPC's 90th birthday

Non-communist parties hail CPC's leadership

Sound Bite: How people see Hu's speech

Reform leading to better governance, scholars suggest

'Stability essential to China's future'

Hu: CPC must serve the people

Full Text of Hu Jintao's speech at CPC anniversary gathering

Hu stresses CPC's absolute leadership over army

CPC to carry out political structural reform

Training young cadres of fundamental importance for CPC

CPC to ensure and improve people's wellbeing

Promote peaceful development of relations across Taiwan Straits

Hu stresses stability at CPC 90th anniversary gathering

Hu calls for development of socialist culture

China still largest developing country: Hu

All people equal before law

Hu asks to uphold Marxism under new historical conditions

Helping the elderly and sick

Kangnai finds inspiration in Communism

Party can be one big family

Epic films a record of revival

Raising the standard

Communicators: Party opens up

Searching for reasons behind success of CPC

Xi visits picture show for CPC 90th anniversary

Commemorative envelope to mark CPC's 90th anniversary

Parties congratulate CPC on its anniversary

China has 840,000 democratic party members

Workers pen their praise of the Party

Art exhibit marking CPC's 90th birthday opens in Beijing

More than 80 million are Party members

Badge of honor in the New China

'Red classics' turn a page with print, digital edition

Vice premier: Deepened health care reform vital

Wen's Europe tour to foster closer ties

To ensure purity, CPC sacks tens of thousands

China's CPC members exceed 80 million

China's Communist Party members exceed 80m

A salute to the nation by proud youngsters

Village at the heart of New China

Members urged to read their way to top

China 'best served' with CPC as leader

Spokesman of Shanghai Party committee debuts

'Red books' draw public enthusiasm

Party schools find new way of teaching

Writing contest to mark 90th anniversary of CPC

Angry young man's journey to a new view

Western witness stays true to the Party line

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CPC Heroes

Zhu De

Zhu De, born in Yilong County of Sichuan Province in 1886 and passed away in 1976, is a great Marxist, proletarian revolutionary, statesman and military strategist.

Chen Yi

A native of Le Zhi, in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, and awarded by the People's Republic of China the military rank of marshal; Served as the country's Vice Premier (1954-1972) and Foreign Minister (1958-1972)

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