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President Xi warns against 'Taiwan independence' in any form


Updated: 2016-03-06 23:00:19


The Chinese mainland will further promote cross-Straits cooperation and exchanges in all fields, deepen economic and social integration, and enhance the sense of a community of common destiny, the president said.

Fan Yun, deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC), the national legislature, and chairman of a Shanghai-based consulting firm, told Xinhua that in recent years Taiwanese companies have benefited from the rapid development of the Chinese mainland. As an entrepreneur, she believed that she has the commitment to tightening economic relations between the mainland and Taiwan.

Chen Weiwen, a national legislator and head of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League Guangdong Provincial Committee, said Xi's remarks reiterate the Chinese mainland's bottom line. It is also a stern warning against the Taiwan independence activists.

"The essence of the 1992 Consensus is recognizing the one-China principle and denying the rhetoric saying that each side of the Taiwan Straits is a country," Chen said.

"The president's remarks showed that the ultimate goal of peaceful development of cross-Straits ties is to achieve peaceful reunification of the two sides," Kong Lingzhi, an NPC deputy from Jilin Province, with Taiwan as his native place of origin.

The NPC and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, the top political advisory body, are now on their annual sessions, with legislators and political advisors discussing major state affairs.



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