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Five momerable moments in China's space probe

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-04-23 10:01 Comments

Five momerable moments in China's space probe

Photo taken on June 13, 2013 shows the screen at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center showing the Shenzhou-10 manned spacecraft conducting an automated docking with the orbiting Tiangong-1 space module and the view outside the propelling module of the Shenzhou-10 manned spacecraft (L, down).[Photo/Xinhua]

First space lab

China launched its first space lab Tiangong-1 in September 2011 with a design life of two years, in a preparation to put a permanent manned space station into service around 2022.

In March 2016, Tiangong-1 terminated its data service after an operational orbit of 1,630 days, completing its main missions. It had successfully docked with the Shenzhou-8, Shenzhou-9 and Shenzhou-10 spacecraft and undertaken a series of experiments.

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