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Education in China's rural areas is comparatively weak, considering the teaching facilities and faculty resources. The government can try integrating urban and rural education to make education resources allocated more fairly.

Since ancient times, the Chinese people have emphasized the importance of food. It is necessary for the related departments to enhance the supervision of food quality and make sure that what we eat is safe.

If doctors cannot have their safe security, authority and dignity, it might be harder work for them to save the injured. Compared with other countries, which regard doctors as a honor, it's such a shame we put our doctors in this bad situation.

We'd better push the policy and regulations on energy reservation and emission reduction. We need to pay more attention to our environment, exploring the right solutions to protect it.

Families who lost their only child need to be taken good care of. Additional social welfare should be offered.

We always talk about the smog when it comes, while forgetting it when it's gone. We'd better put it on our schedule to speed up progress and get it under control.

So many people now shop online and use Internet financial tools, and personal information leakage and financial fraud cases keep popping up. I hope laws on protecting personal information could be improved and more specialized.

I hope China could further cut admin procedures and streamline business administration through changes in laws, exempting more items from government approval.