Reform drive will smash fences of vested interests, Li pledges

Updated: 2014-03-13 12:16

Reform will be deepened and strengthened by smashing the fences of vested interests, Premier Li Keqiang vowed on Thursday.

Reform will continue to streamline administrative procedures to ensure the market can fully play its role, to push forward fiscal and financial reform, and to reduce tax for small-size enterprises, Li said while meeting the press on Thursday after the conclusion of the National People's Congress.

"Some people's cheese might be removed," Li said, adding that the government will carry out comprehensive reforms.

The government will also deepen reform of State-owned Enterprises and open market access for private businesses so that there will be greater competition in the market, Li said.

"The government will carry out reform without hesitation to ensure that the fruits of reform will benefit more people," Li said.

The State Council held 40 executive meetings last year, of which 30 were related to issues of deepening reform, Li said.

Li recalled the time when he was a village official three decades ago, saying that even though workers toiled around the clock, people still had difficulty in getting food and clothing.

After reforms were launched (starting in 1978), food and clothing were no longer a problem, Li said.