Li: Beijing supports a stronger Hong Kong

Updated: 2014-03-13 11:50

The Chinese central government will continue supporting Hong Kong to maintain and promote its status as an international center of finance, trade and shipment, Premier Li Keqiang told a press conference on Thursday after the annual National People's Congress concluded.

The Chinese premier made the remarks to address the fears of some in Hong Kong that "Hong Kong's competitive edge is declining" as neighboring countries and regions develop rapidly.

"The central government's policy toward Hong Kong and Macao is consistent and clear-cut," Li said.

The premier said he is confident Hong Kong will keep its competitive edge and maintain prosperity amid global competition.

"The mainland is opening up its service sector and, in this field, Hong Kong has a leading edge," he said.

Li underscored the fact that Hong Kong has stood firm and maintained prosperity despite grave and complicated conditions of the world economy in recent years.

"Hong Kong has made important contributions to the reform and opening up, as well as the modernization drive of the mainland, and the comprehensive deepening reform and economic upgrading of China will also open up tremendous space for Hong Kong's development," he said.