China to cut energy intensity by over 3.9%

Updated: 2014-03-05 13:12

BEIJING - China aims to cut energy intensity by more than 3.9 percent this year to strengthen energy conservation and emissions reduction, according to a government work report.

The emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand will both be reduced by 2 percent this year, says the report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday at the annual session of the National People's Congress.

Energy intensity was cut by 3.7 percent, and emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand decreased by 3.5 percent and 2.9 percent, respectively in 2013, according to the report.

The government will continue to raise the proportion of electricity generated by non-fossil fuel, develop smart grids and promote balanced distribution of energy resources, encourage the development of wind and solar power, and start construction of a number of hydropower and nuclear power projects, says the report.

China will strengthen exploration, exploitation and utilization of natural gas, coal seam gas and shale gas, it says.

China will also speed up the development and use of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and products and turn the energy conservation and environmental protection industries into dynamic sunrise industries, it says.