China promotes all-dimensional diplomacy

Updated: 2013-05-31 13:38


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BEIJING - As Chinese President Xi Jinping embarks on a tour to three Latin American countries before a "no-tie" meeting with US counterpart Barack Obama in California, it has become more evident the new Chinese leadership is promoting all-dimensional diplomacy in a new era.

It is the second trip overseas by the Chinese head of state. He visited Russia, Tanzania, South Africa and the Republic of the Congo only days after assuming office in March, making clear Beijing's intention to seek better ties with these countries.

Earlier this month, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang also delivered the same message in person to neighbors and far-away partners during a packed nine-day tour to India, Pakistan, Switzerland and Germany.

In less than three months since taking office, China's new leaders will have left footprints on five out of the seven continents, and such intensity in top-level diplomacy and its vast geographic span are rare, even for the most active global players nowadays.

The arrangements are potent proof that China, now the world's second largest economy, is willing to strengthen cooperation with old-time pals and forge deeper bonds with new partners.

For many in China, Xi's visit this time puts Trinidad and Tobago on their radar for the first time and the trip is also expected to increase their knowledge of the Caribbean region at large.

Besides meetings and discussions with leaders of his three host countries and the signing of cooperation deals, bilateral meetings with leaders of other countries in the region are also high on Xi's agenda.

The broad involvement, as many political observers have pointed out, will increase mutual trust between China and the Caribbean nations and produce profound impact on China-Caribbean relations in the long run.

China and Latin American countries, both capturing increasing global attention with vibrant growth figures while most of the developed world is teetering on the edge of recession, are natural partners, given their status as developing countries and their common aspiration to revamp the outdated global economic order.

The two sides are also highly complementary in terms of economic structure, with Latin American countries rich in natural resources and China excelling in manufacturing inexpensive quality goods.

Xi's visit, which also brings into the spotlight increasing shared interests between China and Latin America, is set to provide a further boost to China-Latin America ties, which have witnessed rapid development in recent years.

After state visits to Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica and Mexico, Xi will head to the US state of California for the first face-to-face meeting between the presidents of China and the United States since leadership transitions in both countries.

The informal nature of the summit will probably allow the two leaders to develop a personal relationship that could contribute to the smooth development of bilateral ties in years to come.

Through extensive and in-depth discussions of strategic issues of common concern, the two leaders are expected to chart the future course of bilateral relations, one that is increasingly believed to be the most important based on its global impact.

The summit also provides a perfect platform for the two leaders to explore prospects for a new mode of relationship between a rising power and a dominant power, which features win-win cooperation instead of constant frictions or even conflicts.



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