Export of contemporary culture deficient

Updated: 2011-07-19 22:57


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BEIJING - China's exports of contemporary and pop cultural products are deficient compared with traditional products, resulting in the international community's lack of understanding of the country's current situation, a senior cultural official said Tuesday.

"Our efforts in overseas cultural exchanges aim to make Chinese culture more attractive and respectable among overseas people, as well as seeking understanding and cooperation to provide the world with an up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate depiction of China, " Minister of Culture Cai Wu said.

Cai noted that the country's overseas cultural exchanges should be well rounded, focusing on "not only positive achievements but also various social imbalances and shortcomings."

Cai's remarks came as the country's art-house films and performances reflecting social realities have long been in official negligence in both market promotion and overseas promotion compared with mainstream patriotic products backed by the government.

"Chinese characteristics are essential, but at the same time, we should also find common ground between us and the outside world and reflect the influences of international pop cultures in our country," Cai said.

However, Cai warned against luring overseas attention with "cultural scum that will damage the country's image."

Cai called for more quality books, dramas, performances and films that embody profound meanings and can reflect the country's current development.

The number of foreign commercial performances approved by the Chinese government reached 911 in 2010, up 62 percent from 2006, according to the Ministry of Culture.