Lovelorn takin tries to take revenge on farmer's family

Updated: 2011-07-19 08:00

(China Daily)

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A male takin, an animal resembling a musk ox, rushed into a farmer's yard early one morning and threatened three people in a house in a village in Shaanxi province. The animal was eventually anesthetized by animal protection workers, who were trying to ensure the safety of both the takin and the occupants of the house.

At about 5:40 am on June 15, the animal came to the village in Lantian county, Shaanxi province. It rushed into a yard owned by the farmer Cai Anlan and threatened his two teenage sons and his 85-year-old mother-in-law, who were asleep in the house.

Villagers soon reported the incident to police, who came with animal protection workers to the scene.

At about 10 am, the animal was anesthetized and taken to the local protection center for wild animals.

Experts said the takin might have been defeated in competition for a mate in the mountains and then decided to go down into the village. The takin is a rare species and is protected. It can be dangerous when it is angry.

(Xi'an Evening News)