Chengdu population fourth largest in Chinese cities

Updated: 2011-07-07 14:08


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According to China's sixth population census conducted in 2010, Chengdu topped sub-provincial cities in permanent resident population.

On July 4, Chengdu municipal statistics bureau released data showing that according to the sixth population census, Chengdu had 14.0476 million permanent residents by of the start of November 1, 2010, accounting for 17.5 percent of the population of Sichuan province.

The city's population maintained steady and continuous growth, keeping a net increase of 2.9391 million in 10 years, or 2.4 percent annually on average.

Chengdu ranked fourth out of all Chinese cities in terms of permanent resident population, after Chongqing (28.8462 million), Shanghai (23.0191 million) and Beijing (19.6120 million). It was the largest among all sub-provincial cities.

More in the second circular residential quarters and less in the third circular

The statistics showed that Chengdu's main urban areas had 5.2954 million permanent residents in 2010, up 1.8249 million over the 3.4705 million in 2000. They accounted for 37.7 percent of Chengdu's gross population, compared with 31.2 percent in 2000.

Permanent residents living in the second circular residential quarters in the outskirts amounted to 4.2963 million, up 1.1345 million over the 3.1618 million in 2000.

Those living in the third circular residential quarters of outer suburbs dropped by 20,300 from 4.4762 million in 2000 to 4.4559 million in 2010.

The main urban areas were biggest in population density, reaching 11,388 persons in every one square kilometer. Wuhou district topped Chengdu's urban districts in population density, hitting 14,451 persons per square kilometer. Dayi county was lowest in population density, with only 391 persons in every one square kilometer.

2.72 persons in each household

The sixth population census shows that in 2010, Chengdu had 4.5471 million households, up 1.1676 million over the 3.3795 million in 2000.

Among the permanent residents, Chengdu household residents amounted to 12.3545 million, averaging 2.72 persons per household. It was lower than the 2.95 persons for Sichuan province and 3.1 persons for the country. Wuhou district had the smallest household size, averaging 2.44 persons in each household.

The sixth population census showed the household-based population reduced by 0.35 from 3.07 persons in the fifth population census of 2000. It fell by 0.69 persons from 3.41 persons in the fourth population census in 1990.

The results of the three population census showed Chengdu households showed an obvious trend of reduction. The downsized household scale was mainly attributed to an increased migrant population and young couples living independently after marriage.