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VP: China a reliable neighbor of Asian countries

Updated: 2010-11-15 20:18
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SINGAPORE - Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping said Monday that China is unswervingly to be a credible, reliable and good neighbor, friend and partner of Asian countries, and continue to play a constructive role in building a harmonious Asia.

When meeting with Singaporean President S R Nathan, Xi said China sticks to good neighbourly foreign policy and will further enhance exchanges and cooperation with countries around China including Singapore.

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The vice president said Singapore is a good and friendly neighbor of China and the two countries enjoys traditional friendship. Since establishment of diplomatic relations in 1990, the bilateral ties have maintained favourable development.

In particular, Xi said, leaders of the two countries have exchanged visits frequently and often exchanged views on major issues of common concern, which ensure the smooth development of the bilateral relations.

He said the two countries have kept good negotiation and coordination on international and regional issues in the past years, and made joint efforts to safeguard the regional peace and stability.

Xi hoped the two sides will further strengthen cooperation between China-ASEAN and in Asia, and enhance coordination in the multilateral fields such as the United Nations.

China will expand and intensify exchanges in the humanity fields with Singapore, he said,

He suggested that China Culture Center in Singapore will be given a full play so that it will become an important platform of humanity cooperation between China and Singapore, and in the region as a whole; conduct closer exchange and cooperation in culture and arts so as to display new fruits of multiple cultures; tap potential in tourism to attract more tourists from each other countries; and enhance cooperation in education.

Nathan said the relations of Singapore-China is built on the basis of mutual equality and the two peoples enjoy profound traditional friendship, adding the Singaporean side is satisfied with the favourable development of current bilateral relations.

The Singaporean side believes China implements good neighbourly policy and appreciates China's favourable role in the region, said Nathan, stressing that Singapore will make joint efforts together with China to build a harmonious and stable Asian region.