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China donates therapeutic instruments for Pakistan

(Embassy of Pakistan)
Updated: 2010-08-07 14:49
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Beijing Kangjiantong Technology Development Company donates 50 Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Instruments for the flood affected victims of Pakistan.

Mr. Xiao Ping Wang, General Manager of Beijing Kangjiantong Technology Development Company handed over 50 Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Instruments worth RMB 100,000 to Ambassador Masood Khan today at the Embassy.

The devices are useful in curing ailments such as skin diseases, diarrhea, viral and bacterial infections. They are also helpful for patients suffering from bronchitis, chronic prostatitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Ambassador thanked Mr. Xiao Ping Wang and appreciated his kind gesture for the people of Pakistan. He said that the Chinese government and its people have always stood by their Pakistan brothers in their times of trial and tribulations.

The Chinese government had earlier announced an assistance of RMB 10 million for the flood affected people. It was one of the first countries to announce humanitarian assistance for the flood victims. In a swift response, three aircraft from PLA Air force carried the relief goods to Pakistan.

“This is a timely gesture from a close friend and dear brother. We are extremely grateful to the people and Government of China”, Ambassador Masood Khan said while talking to Mr. Xiao Ping Wang.

The Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Instruments would be transported by the next available PIA flight to Pakistan.