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Chinese VP meets with Bangladeshi president

Updated: 2010-06-15 20:57
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DHAKA - Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with Bangladeshi President Zillur Rahman in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka on Tuesday.

Xi concluded his two-day official visit to Bangladesh on Tuesday afternoon.

During the meeting, Xi first conveyed the regards of Chinese President Hu Jintao to Rahman.

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He said China and Bangladesh have a historical friendly relationship which can trace back to over 1,000 years ago.

Xi said since China and Bangladesh established diplomatic relationship 35 years ago, the relationship between the two countries has stood the test of changes of situation in the world arena and continually moves forward.

"The two sides always respect each other, have mutual trust and support," he said.

"The cooperation in all the areas is very fruitful and has brought real benefit for the two peoples and also plays an active role in maintaining regional stability, peace and development," he added.  

Xi said during Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit to China this March, the two sides decided to establish a "Closer Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation" which has showed the direction for further developing the relationship between the two countries.

Xi said, "China and Bangladesh are all Asian developing countries. Both countries are working hard to quicken economic development, promote people's lives."

"We are all dedicated to strengthening regional cooperation, promote development and prosperity of Asia," he said.

"Consolidating and developing the friendly cooperation between the two countries is the unalterable policy of the Chinese government. We would like to work with Bangladesh to enhance political relationship, deepen pragmatic cooperation, promote exchange of culture, strengthen the coordination in regional and international issues and push the bilateral relationship forward," he added.

Xi said Bangladesh has made a lot of astonishing achievement since the country became independent in 1971. "Bangladesh follows the foreign policy of being friendly to neighbors, friendship and cooperation. It is actively involved in and push regional cooperation," he said.

"Bangladesh protects the interests of developing countries in many important international issues like climate change. Its influence in international arena is gradually improving," he added.

Xi said, "As a good neighbor and good friend, China is very happy with the achievement of Bangladesh and wish Bangladesh to reach its target of national development."

Xi said Shanghai Expo is a big event in the fields of international economy, society and culture. "It is an important platform for the exhibiting countries to showcase their economy, science and culture," he said.

"The expo is good to promote the exchanges among the peoples," he added.

Xi said Bangladesh has its pavilion in Shanghai Expo and welcomed Bangladeshi leaders and people from all walks of live to visit the expo.

Rahman at the meeting asked Xi to convey his regards to Hu Jintao.

Rahman said Bangladesh and China maintain good relationship. He believed the visit by Xi will greatly promote the friendship between the two peoples and push the relationship between the two countries to a new level.

Rahman said, "Bangladesh was in a very difficult situation after independence. It was China who gave its assistance and helped quicken the economic development of Bangladesh. We will always remember what China has done for us."

"We are very proud of having a close friend like China. I hope the two countries will consolidate the relationship, taking the opportunity of celebrating the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship," he said.

During his visit to Bangladesh, Xi also met with staff of Chinese embassy and representatives of Chinese community in Bangladesh.