Officials promoted after wrongful conviction

By Zhang Jiawei (
Updated: 2010-05-10 11:10
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Officials responsible for a murder case that caused Zhao Zuohai in Central China's Henan province to serve almost 10 years before his alleged victim returned home, had all been promoted from their original posts, the Beijing Times reported.

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Zhu Peijun, who was directly responsible for the murder case and was then a deputy director of the police station of Zhecheng county, Shangqiu city in Henan, is now the director of the development zone branch of the Shangqiu police station.

Other officials involved in the case include Ding Zhongqiu and Luo Mingzhu, with the former now acting as the deputy director general of the police station of Zhecheng county and the latter now working in the police station of Shangqiu city, the Beijing Times reported, without specifying their previous posts at the time Zhao was convicted.