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Anti-terrorism cooperation enhanced between China and Pakistan

By Du Wenjuan (
Updated: 2010-05-07 21:44
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China and Pakistan will continue to cooperate in fighting terrorism and maintaining the stability of central Asia, a visiting Pakistani official said Friday.

At the end of a two-day trip to China, Pakistan's Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, said China promised to provide a $184 million loan for the purchase of equipment and anti-terrorism training courses for Pakistani forces. He met with China's Minister of Public Security, Meng Jianzhu on Friday.

"China has been very helpful … and China also donated 2 billion yuan for the equipment of our police, he said. "Anti-terrorism cooperation efforts between the two countries are well underway."

He pledged that Pakistan would continue battling the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a separatist group labeled by the UN Security Council, as well as a terrorist organization labeled by the Chinese and US governments.

Malik said the group "has been weakened" thanks to cooperation between the two countries. "I am happy to inform you that their back is broken."