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60th anniversary of China-Sweden diplomatic relations celebrated

Updated: 2010-05-07 07:51
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STOCKHOLM - The 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Sweden diplomatic relations was celebrated at the Chinese Embassy in the Swedish capital city Stockholm on Thursday.  

"Today's event brings us back to May 9 in 1950, a special day in China's relation with the world. New China was just six months and was eager to make friends. In the western world, Sweden was the first to respond and entered the diplomatic ties with China on that day," Chinese Ambassador Chen Mingming said in the beginning of the celebration.

He explained that 60 years in Chinese carries special significance and it is a sign of maturity.

"Over the past sixty years, China-Sweden relations have evolved into a mature partnership, with increasingly close political, economic, cultural and educational ties, it is truly a partnership that has benefited our two peoples," Chen said.

He said the past 60 years of experience will bring the two sides even closer and great opportunities are standing ahead.

The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt also attended the celebration.

"We see significant development in economic ties, we see a deeper political dialogue, we see development of human relationship, in the exchange of education, science and technology and culture, that is deeper cooperation and understanding between Sweden and China," Bildt said.

"We have been deeply impressed by the tremendous development that we see in China, in the economic area in the past few decades, we have provided new opportunities for further deepening what is already a very deep relationship," Bildt noted.

"During the last few years, I think there has been an unprecedented level and intensity of the exchanges on the very highest level," Bildt said.

More than 200 people from Swedish government, business and social circle as well as overseas Chinese representatives attended the grand celebration.