Anqing womanizer under probe, for bribery

By Zuo Likun (
Updated: 2010-04-08 17:48
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A man accused of sleeping with over 500 women in a bombshell news report that swept across the internet on Wednesday is now under investigation for taking bribes, said an official press circular.

Initial reports on Wednesday morning had suggested the womanizer was an official in Anqing city, sending the eastern municipal government into a public relations tailspin.

However, an official press circular hastily issued at night said the man was not an official but a former doctor, and is under probe for bribery charges.

The latest sex scandal, on the back of a strikingly similar case in Guangxi that ended in a bureau officials dismissal and arrest last month, came to light after Xin'an Evening News reported on Wednesday that an Anqing official in East China's Anhui province, identified by a pseudonym Wang Cheng, has kept several books of sex diaries and home video, journalizing his bedroom accomplishments. The report said Wang targeted 800 women.

The sensational news report, disclosing neither Wang's real name nor his exact department, soon drew avalanches of suspicion-mingled rage across the country. The municipal government's propaganda office rushed to issue a press notice on Wednesday night, claiming an initial investigation has found that that Wang was not a government official, but "a former director at a local hospital's radiation department".

"Wang is accused of taking bribes in the purchases of drugs and medical instruments. The case is currently under investigation," said the press notice, adding that Wang's diary and removable hard disks have been confiscated.

Yet, the official circular brewed more questions than it answered. Wang's true identity and his whereabouts remain a mystery, including the unnamed hospital. The news report's authenticity on philandering has yet to be validated by Wang's diary or home videos, now in the hands of the municipal authority.

The press notice didn't even specify which government department is in charge of the ongoing probe.