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China donates $1 million more to quake-torn Chile

Updated: 2010-03-25 16:42
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SANTIAGO -  China donated US$1 million to quake-torn Chile Wednesday, adding to the 2 million dollars worth of relief materials sent on March 5.

Fernando Schmid, Chile's acting foreign minister, thanked China for its support, saying the Chinese people had been standing together with Chileans through thick and thin since the disaster.

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Fernando said Chile would further enhance ties with China, which had been an important trading partner of his country.

Chinese ambassador Lv Fan said people from China and Chile, although geographically far from each other, shared close ties and deep friendship.

The earthquake had caused great loss of life and immense damage to property in Chile, Lv said, adding the Chinese people, who suffered a 8.0-magnitude earthquake in southwestern Sichuan Province in 2008, could sympathize with the Chileans.

The ambassador said China had decided to donate 1 million dollars to Chile less than 48 hours after the earthquake, and China had already sent tents, blankets, portable generators and water purifiers.

The Red Cross of China also donated 100,000 dollars to Chile.

The deadly 8.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Chile on February 27, killing 425 people and leaving 500,000 others homeless. President Sebastian Pinera estimated reconstruction would take about 30 billion dollars.