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Hu urges developing west side of Taiwan Straits

Updated: 2010-02-16 10:26
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XIAMEN,FUJIAN: Chinese President Hu Jintao has called for efforts to accelerate the construction of the economic zone on the western side of the Taiwan Straits during his four-day inspection tour to Fujian Province that ended Monday.

Hu urged Fujian officials and people to seize the favorable opportunities offered by the central government on the construction of the economic zone and accelerate the transformation of the economic growth mode.

Hu, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, visited Zhangzhou, Longyan and Xiamen in Fujian during the inspection tour and celebrated the Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year, with local residents and Taiwan compatriots living in Fujian.

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Hu stressed the role of tourism in the transformation of the economic growth mode, urging local authorities to make Fujian a tourist resort with international fame.

During his visit to a tourist information center in Xiamen, Hu urged the city to strengthen its tourism management and provide better services to solicit more visitors.

Hu also visited some tourist attractions including the Gulangyu Islet and extended his greetings to travellers.

When inspecting the Haitian Wharf, the largest container terminal in the province, he urged the operator to boost the cross-Straits cooperation in economy and trade with better services.

During his visit to the Xiamen Strait Cruise Center, Hu talked with a Taiwan passenger awaiting the ship, who said the travels across the Strait are much more convenient than before. Hu said that compatriots across the Strait are like family members and should keep in close contact.

Hu extended Spring Festival greetings to migrant workers at the construction site of Xiang'an Tunnel in Xiamen. Speaking highly of the migrant workers as a labor force growing in China's reform and opening up, Hu urged all government departments to be more concerned about these workers.

During his tour in Zhangzhou and Longyan, Hu visited some Taiwan businesses. He also promised favorable polices to support and accelerate the development of old revolutionary bases.