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New laws and regulations for 2010

By Zhao Chunzhe (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2009-12-31 17:35
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China's laws and regulations can often be confusing. Here are a few new ones that will take effect beginning in the 2010 New Year.

Immigrant workers in Guangdong province with stable incomes and permanent lodging and who have paid social insurance for at least seven years are allowed to apply for a permanent residence permit if have a clean criminal record.

Starting January 1, 2010, China will raise the pension by 10 percent from the 2009 level, or 120 yuan ($17.57) a month per person. In addition, migrant and urban workers would be able to transfer their pension accounts when they find new jobs in other provinces.

There are several small changes to laws regulating security guards. If one dies on duty, they will be honored with the official title of martyr, usually reserved for those the government says have died for justice. Second, security guards are banned from performing body searches or using violence.

Mobile phone users will be charged less next year. Previously, when making a long distance call, they were charged both local and long distance fees. Beginning in the new year, the local fees will not be charged for long distance calls.