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Jon Meade Huntsman: I'm a disciple of Confucius
By Ji Yuan (
Updated: 2009-11-27 10:31

Jon Meade Huntsman, US ambassador to China, arrived in Jinan for the US-Shandong Business and Cultural Exchange Week on Nov 24. He said he was a student, learning from the people and traditions in the hometown of Confucius.

"Three things remind me of Shandong Province"

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The first one is Confucius. He said he has been studying Confucius for a long time and has a special respect for the sage. "Confucius' philosophy influenced the world a lot, including me," he said.

The second is Shandong cuisine. "Shandong cuisine is delicious," he said when he ate dumplings and steamed bread.

The third one is the coastal city of Qingdao. "Qingdao is a modern city and very beautiful,” he said.

"Shandong University will attract more American students."

At a book donation ceremony at Shandong University, Huntsman said that The United States will push for more student exchanges with China over the next several years.

"Prominent universities in China like Shandong University will attract more American students," He said.

Strengthening interaction between students is the most basic way to develop trust between the two nations, he said. "The measure is intended to foster mutual understanding in the younger generation.".

"If you don't come to China in two years, you will be out-dated."

Huntsman was impressed by China's fast development "If you don't come to China in two years, you will be out-dated,” he said.

The United States will cooperate with Shandong province in clean energy and climate change in a bilateral relationship that is "positive, cooperative and comprehensive," Huntsman said.

"I see China through my daughter's eyes."

The gentleman beamed when he talked about his adopted daughter from China - Gracie Mei. "I think I'm the luckiest father; Gracie gives us new life. I see China through her eyes. She is very important to me and my family."