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President Hu: Aid to Africa continues despite crisis
By Li Xing (
Updated: 2009-02-15 20:35

As far as Africa is concerned, Hu noted that Africa is enjoying a more positive environment of peace and security, which has ensured relatively fast economic development in the region. Africa has increased its capability to solve problems on its own as the countries move for regional integration.

But there is still the rise and fall of the regional hot issues and China will collaborate with Tanzania and international community to play a constructive role in maintaining peace and security in Africa.

While agreeing with Hu, Kikwete said China-Tanzania relations are special and that his country is thankful for China’s continuing aid and support.

China’s success has given Africa countries confidence in blazing their own trail to develop and get rid of poverty, Kikwete said, adding that Tanzania hopes to work with China to enhance cooperation in trade, investment, finance, agriculture, education, public health and infrastructure construction.

The two countries signed a series of cooperation agreements.

After meeting with Tanzania President Kikwete, Hu also exchanged views with Zanzibar president Amani Abeid Karume on ways to increase bilateral cooperation in economy, trade, tourism and infrastructure.

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