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China's reform and opening-up policy helps Nepali students
Updated: 2008-12-03 19:44

KATHMANDU -- China's 30 years of reform and opening-up has not only boosted its development in all aspects, but also benefited its neighbor countries like Nepal and their peoples, said Dr. Harish Chandra Shah in a recent interview with Xinhua.

The opening-up policy has powered China in all sectors, from economy to education, said the medical doctor, who spent seven years in Beijing as a student. In fact, this opening policy has become boon for Nepali students, he added.

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Shah, a medical doctor, went to China in 1977 for the first time for medical studies. After studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, he completed Doctor of Medicine from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1984.

Shah, who is also a Nepali government personnel working in traditional medicine department of acupuncture, has frequently visited China. "I've visited China for countless times, this has helped me to realize its rapid development," he said.

Shah recalled the situation when he first went to China as a student, when overseas students were supposed to study in Chinese language. "It was quite difficult in our time, but students now have better facilities." he said. Currently, foreign students can read in Chinese, English and other languages.

Shah said hundreds of Nepali students now go to China every year on government  scholarship or private funds. "China has international educational system, whoever studies in China can resist in worldwide market," he said.

Students are offered easy access to advanced technology, such as projector, library and computer, in contrast to the trend of " black board" and "chalk" in his time, said the doctor. "This development in education sector is the consequence of reform and opening-up policy."

Shah said he thought Nepal's education system would improve if it follows China's model. China strictly follows the annual calendar and performs all educational activities at time, he said.

The doctor praised Chinese people for their hard work in building up their country. "They work day-night, they are laborious and dedicated," he said, "making policy alone is not enough to obtain such remarkable achievement within three decade."

China has set the world an example by obtaining great development as such a large country with huge population, said Shah.