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China's reform, opening-up offers DR Congo much to learn
Updated: 2008-11-30 19:38

KINSHASA -- China's remarkable achievements during the three decades of reform and opening-up have offered the Democratic Republic of Congo a great deal to learn, Professor Henry Kokolo with the Institute Faculty of Science of Information and Communication told Xinhua in a recent interview.

As a renowned expert on international relations in the DR Congo, Kokolo has followed closely China's development. An increasingly prosperous China has attracted more Congolese scholars and ordinary people alike and prompted them to shift their attention from European countries and the United States to China to draw something useful.

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Kokolo said that the Beijing Olympics testifies to the success of China's reform and opening-up drive, and offers an opportunity for people from cross the world to witness China's prosperity and the unique charm of the Chinese culture during the event.

The world was impressed by the perfect organization work, grandeur Olympic venues and, above all, the Chinese people's zeal to contribute to the development of their nation, the professor said.

During the past 30 years, China has brought in advanced technologies, management expertise and investment from abroad. The country has adhered to independence and self-reliance in national development and remained unaffected by outside interference. The Chinese people have forged ahead along their own path of development by combing the collective wisdom of entire people rather than copying blindly the Western mode of development, Kokolo said.

Kokolo commended China for its increasingly important role on the world stage, saying it has become an active participant in global affairs and a active supporter to Africa, especially on the Darfur issue and the DRC peace process.

He also noted that China has sent eight contingents of peacekeepers and medical workers to DR Congo to help the war-battered African country.

China has formulated a brand new cooperation mechanism with African countries, featuring infrastructure construction combined with technology transfer and technician training, Kokolo said.

Some Chinese companies have signed cooperation deals with the Congolese side to help with projects of hospitals, schools, housing, roads and railways, to involve themselves directly in the reconstruction of the central African country.

Kokolo said some of the projects have already started, offering a good chance for Congolese people to learn China's expereince in social-economic development.