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Civilian dies of injuries from Xinjiang bombing
Updated: 2008-08-11 21:09

KUQA, Xinjiang  -- A Uygur man who was injured by bombs in Kuqa on Sunday died in hospital on Monday, said Hasimu, the Aksu Prefectural Commissioner, at a press conference here on Monday.

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A string of explosions occurred in the early hours of Sunday in some supermarkets, hotels and government buildings in Kuqa, killing a security guard and injuring two police, two civilians and a security guard.

Eight terrorists were shot dead by police while two others died by blowing themselves up.

Police arrested two other terrorists and are searching for three others. In addition, 13 civilians were rescued and dozens of unexploded bomb devices were seized.

Police had yet to confirm the identities of the three terrorists at large, Hasimu told more than 40 Chinese and overseas journalists at the conference.

But he was sure the terrorist activities were organized and masterminded.

It was unclear whether Kuqa bombings had any connection with that of Kashi one week ago, and also no clear evidence was found suggesting the connection between the bombings with the East Turkistan separatists, said Hasimu.