11th Panchen Lama condemns Lhasa riot

Updated: 2008-03-16 14:32

LHASA -- The 11th Panchen Lama Gyaincain Norbu condemned on Sunday the lawless riot in Lhasa, saying the sabotage acts run counter to the Buddhism tenets.

"The rioters' acts not only harmed the interests of the nation and the people, but also violated the aim of Buddhism," Panchen said.

"We resolutely oppose all activities to split the country and undermine ethnic unity. We strongly condemn the crime of a tiny number of people to hurt the lives and properties of the people," he said.

An outburst of violence on Friday, which Tibetan regional government says was engineered by Dalai clique, has claimed the lives of 10 civilians and caused many injuries.

"I hope the incident in Lhasa could calm down soon, and peace and stability would return to the people and the Buddhist followers," the religious leader said.

Panchen said he resolutely supports the Party and the government efforts to ensure the safety and stability of Lhasa.

Shops reopen, vehicle back on streets as Lhasa calms

Many shops were reopened and private cars and taxi cabs were back on the streets on Sunday in Lhasa, as the city returned to calm after Friday's riot.

Reporters at Xinhua's Lhasa branch saw many stores along the western Beijing Road, western Jinzhu Road and southern Lingor Road open on Sunday afternoon. Taxis and private cars were back on the roads.

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