China to intensify implementation of court rulings

Updated: 2007-09-26 11:24

BEIJING - The people who resist the implementation of court rulings with violence would be detained by courts or investigated by the public security departments if the behaviors are severe, according to a newly released circular.

The circular, co-issued by the Supreme People's Court (SPC), the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP), and the Ministry of Public Security, required to intensify the implementation of court rulings to ensure the legal rights of the people involved.

The behaviors of organizing people to besiege, seize or attack law enforcement people, snatch or destroy legal documents, law enforcement vehicles and other facilities, and other behaviors of using violence or threats against law enforcement people, would be considered as resisting the implementation with violence, said the circular.

Other problems, including transferring, hiding or deliberately destroy properties to prevent the rulings from being executed, refusing to carry out the rulings after receiving the verdicts, and taking advantage of government posts to prevent the law enforcement, should also be tackled, the circular said.

Chinese courts found that last year, 2.13 million civil court rulings had not been carried out by the due date. Almost half of those rulings have still not been implemented.

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